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June 2009 -

Art by Desiree Baird
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April 2009 -

Art by Hazel Clark
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Dec 2006 -

Art by Grace Baldwin

Selected oil paintings

September 6th - December 2006

Dr. Steven M. Grunfield
Nature Photography

July 26 - August 26, 2005

Dave Burks
Art Photography

June 14th - July 14th

"Freedom: A History of US"

May 2005 - July 2005

"Photography By Theresa"
with Theresa Burns

February 19, 2005 - April 25, 2005

Sandra Johnson

January 9, 2004 - March 1, 2004

"Lives of Quiet Affirmation -
An Alabama Jewish Community"

April 17, 2004 - June 12, 2004

David Burks

June 12, 2004 - August 14, 2004

Gene Black

November 1, 2004 - December 13, 2004

Pam Willingham

December 14, 2004 - December 31, 2004

The Photography of Joe Lambert

Artist/Exhibit Bios

"Freedom: A History of US"

This exhibit draws upon key documents and images to illustrate the changing understanding of freedom in our nation from the Founding Era through the Civil War. It presents some of the men and women who fought and in some cases died to expand freedom to all Americans.

Sponsored by the Gilder Lehrman Institute for American History

Location: Cullman Central Public Library
For Information, call call 256-734-2720 Ext. 23

"Lives of Quiet Affirmation"

"Lives of Quiet Affirmation: An Alabama Jewish Community" is a photographic exhibition designed to celebrate, preserve, and interpret the traditions and lives of the Jews in Calhoun County. The Anniston Star, the daily newspaper of the area, wrote of this exhibit, "A faded old black and white photo gives us fine details that the written word often fails to capture. It replaces the imagined and sometimes flawed image in our mind with an authentic one. There is no better way of chronicling a period of history than displaying photographs of that era." (April 23, 1999)

David Burks

Dave was born and reared on a farm in east Cullman County. During his younger days, his father had a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera. At age 14, his father gave him the camera and that began when Dave’s lifelong interest in photography.

During his Naval Career, he visited many foreign ports of call, documenting his visits with the old Hawkeye. He purchased his first 35 millimeter camera in 1974 and then another in 1985. In 2002, Dave purchased his first digital camera and shortly thereafter, retired his 35mm cameras. Over the years, he has given prints of his photographs as gifts to friends and family but never displayed them publicly. Things changed considerably in late 2002 after a visit to Jekyll Island. Several people saw Dave’s work and urged him to start displaying his works publicly. He was very surprised to find there was a demand for his work. Dave’s career in the Navy contributed greatly to his love of the ocean. His favorite place is the beach and his seascapes are always well received.

Dave continues to explore the world through his photography, visiting various places of interest when time permits and making his photos available to the public. He says he doesn’t get to spend enough time taking pictures and visiting those special places, as duties of his job at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center occupy much of his time.


Gene Black

Gene Black was born and grew up in Anniston, Alabama, where he lives today. Gene started painting well into adulthood as a self-taught artist. His first works were done with inexpensive craft paints. One of the works was hung in his living room to fill a bare spot. Friends commented favorably on the painting and Gene was inspired to continue painting. He started training himself by reading any and everything he could find in the local library. He quickly discovered that he has strong preferences for particular artists. One of Gene’s favorites is Claude Monet, an impressionist. Another favorite is Vincent Van Gogh, whose landscapes often have a distinct abstract quality.

After small successes with local art and craft shows, and with the encouragement of an artist mentor, Gene took a weeklong workshop in abstract and non-representational painting under award winning artist, Joan Blackburn. That workshop inspired Gene to paint voraciously. This first major work following that was selected to show in the Pinchgut Creek Gallery in Trussville, Alabama. Gene is a regular exhibitor at the annual “Fair on the Square” in Jacksonville, Alabama. He also has works exhibited in the Jacksonville State University mini-works show and the Arts Alive Festival Gallery in Florence, Alabama.

Pam Willingham

Pam Willingham Art Gallery
908 2nd Avenue NW
Cullman, AL 35055

Joe Lambert

Joe Lambert was born in Atlanta, grew up in Cullman, and is currently living in Northport, AL. He is a ’96 graduate of Cullman High School, a ’00 graduate of Millsaps College (B.S.), a ’03 graduate of the University of Alabama (M.S.), and is currently the director of the Alabama Stable Isotope Laboratory at the U of A where he is also working on his Ph.D. in Geology.

Joe’s youth was filled with family photographs; however, it was not until several trips out West to Yellowstone National Park (with the Millsaps College geology department) inspired Joe to pick up photography as a hobby to accompany his career in geology. The switch from a 35 millimeter camera to a digital camera in 2003 has recently rejuvenated Joe’s hobby. Joe enjoys spending weekends visiting state parks and other local attractions.

Some of his favorite subjects to capture are waterfalls, trails, architecture, flowers, and anything interesting in the natural environment. Conversations with friends and family have lead Joe to display his photographs publicly. Joe has dedicated this exhibit in honor of his grandmother, Gladys Webb, who helped him purchase his first camera.

Sandra Johnson

Sandra (Sandy) Johnson grew up in Anniston, Alabama, and has been a resident of Cullman County for the past twenty years. Primarily a self taught commercial artist, who has earned her livelihood in advertising and residential designing, is also a talented writer, poet and photographer. After a year in the Atlanta School of Art (1967-1968), Sandy entered the business of commercial art, providing clients with original and uniquely styled advertising, product identification, product illustrations, including fashion illustrating and T-shirt designs.

In 1990 Sandy was the recipient of the Dot Graf Scholarship Award from the Cullman Art Guild, Inc. Her painting, the “Water Babies” which won her the award, was painted under the instruction of John Sachs while she attended Wallace State. Sandy has also attended both Wallace and Calhoun Community College. She graduated from Calhoun in 1989 with a design drafting degree, and a National Deans List Award. Her house designs are built state-wide as well as locally.

Sandy is a lover of nature and derives her inspiration from things around her and the unusual. Her hikes take her to the hills and valleys of Cullman and surrounding counties, which have provided her with an extensive archive of photography. Her favorite subject materials are sunrises, sunsets, flowers, mountain streams, barns, and old houses.

Due to a disability with her hands, Sandy can no longer draw extensively; her life and livelihood were hand-drawn illustrations. She returned to school twice to upgrade her skills to computer graphics and auto-cad drafting. Computer technology has given her a new perspective in her creative life. Her philosophy is: “Another day, another challenge. I can rise above it or let it bury me”. She lives with a dedication to God, and a “knowing” that her life has purpose.

Creativity Is A Tree With Many Branches.....